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Received Opinions: Doxography in Antiquity and the Islamic World

06.03.2018 at 09:00  – 08.03.2018 at 15:00 

Conference to be held 6th–8th March 2018 at Munich School of Ancient Philosophy
Leopoldstraße 11b, 80802 München, 4th floor, Room 433

Organised by Dr. Mareike Jas and Dr. Andreas Lammer

Funded by Fritz Thyssen Stiftung


Day One, Tuesday 06.03.2018

09:15–09:30: Introduction
09:30–10:45: Dr. Christian Pfeiffer: Making Sense of Other Philosophers: Exegesis and Interpretation in Aristotle
11:00–12:15: Dr. Mareike Jas: The physikai doxai of Theophrastus as the Foundation for Doxography in Aristotle and Ps.-Plutarch?
13:15–14:30: Prof. Dr. Jaap Mansfeld: Aetios Kap. 1.15: Über Farben
14:45–16:00: Prof. Dr. David T. Runia: Irreducible Texts in the New Edition of Aëtius
16:15–17:30: Prof. Dr. Teun Tieleman: Galen on the Presocratics (Gal. In Hp. Nat. Hom. and other works)

Day Two, Wednesday 07.03.2018

09:30–10:45: Prof. Dr. Han Baltussen: Received Opinions” in Aristotle, Theophrastus and Simplicius: Doxography or Endoxography?
11:00–12:15: Prof. Dr. Christoph Helmig: Interpreting Parmenides of Elea in Antiquity: From Plato’s Parmenides to Simplicius’ Commentary on Aristotle's Physics
13:15–14:30: Dr. Yury Arzhanov: Greek Philosophers in Monastic Schools: Syriac Forms of Doxography
14:45–16:00: Bethany Somma: The “Materialists” in Plotinus and the Arabic Plotinus: What they Can Tell us About the Transmission of the Stoics into Arabic
16:15–17:30: Dr. Aileen Das: Pseudo-Plutarch in the Book of Proofs and Reflections regarding Creation and Divine Governance: Providence and Natural Philosophy

Day Three, Thursday 08.03.2018

09:00–10:15: Dr. Elvira Wakelnig: Philosophical Compilations in Unpublished Arabic Manuscripts: Doxography or Something Else?
10:20–11:35: Dr. Andreas Lammer: Doxography and Philosophical Method: Avicenna’s Treatment of Presocratic Opinions
12:00–13:15: Dr. David Bennett: Reporting the Dualists: Form and Content
13:20–14:35: Fedor Benevich: The Presocratics in al-Šahrastānī’s Kitāb al-Milal wa-l-niḥal
14:35–15:00: Conclusion


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